Recovery Assistance
is a random drug testing program that monitors sobriety, supports clients' organizational skills, and encourages accountability.

Family Based Services
employs a licensed clinician to assist parents and families addressing dysfunctional family dynamics and insecure/disorganized attachments. The goal is to increase coping skills, communication, and family cohesion.

Compliance Coaching
employs one-on-one staff coaching to engage and assist parents with completing tasks on court ordered treatment plans. Our staff models, assists, and monitors the clients as they work toward completing concrete goals and objectives. 


Circle of Security Parenting Groups
are psycho-educational parenting groups utilizing evidence-based concepts to create secure attachments and increase the reflective capacity of parents. Visit the Circle of Security website for more information

Visit Coaching
provides structure and support for parents that require monitoring or assistance while visiting with their children. Evolution Services tries to aid parents in increasing their reflective functioning in order to better understand and meet the needs of their children.



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